Campaign Trail: Presidential Nominee Ram Nath Kovind Visits Vijayawada

Presidential nominee Ram Nath Kovind is on a campaign trail. He has recently visited AP City region. Addressing the local TDP, BJP leader, he said that he is non-political candidate and would rise above party politics and strive to uphold the Constitution and democratic traditions.
Political leaders often say that there should be a separation of religion and politics. But Presidential nominee, Kovind brought all holy books to his campaign, literally. He said that he would treat constitution as Gita, Koran and Bible.
Union Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu while speaking on the occasion clarified that there is no ideological fight in the ongoing Presidential elections.
Chief Minister N. ChandraBabu Naidu described Mr. Kovind as the ‘best person’ for the post and he has support of more than 70% of the electorate.