BJP Polavaram Project funding not guaranteed: Babu

Chief Minister Chandrababu said that it is ready to calculate the center of each rupee to build the Polavaram project. He welcomed the declaration of Union Water Resources Minister Nitin Gadkari, The Chief Minister said that if the central funds were deposited in the funds themselves, they would not have any objection. Mr. Gadkari participated in the foundation stone for the National Highways Development Work at AU Convention Hall on Vishakha Beach Road. Speaking on this occasion, lack of implementation of division guarantees is the reason for the distance between the parties. Chandrababu questioned the difficulties of separation guarantees. The center says it will do everything but how much time will be done. How to do it for ten years in five years? Chandrababu questioned.
Assistance and rehabilitation in polavaram project is very important. 100 per cent transparent construction is guaranteed. The Chief Minister said that it is ready to solve the problems of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu with Godavari waters. It should be united to achieve state benefits. Seem says many attempts to overcome divide problems. Mr. Chandrababu praised Gadkari’s decision to make six-lane highways. Gadkari was asked to develop various roads.