Beef Ban Economics: Total Ban on Slaughter Detrimental To Export Trade

Beef is a generic term used for both cow/buffalo meat. Last year India became the largest exporter of the beef with the maximum contribution from Uttar Pradesh. Amidst the suspicion of growing share of Cow meat in beef export, Central govt has decided to put labs to detect cow meat on ports. In the similar lines, the state govt should set up the labs in suspected areas to do the random sampling of slaughtered meat.
In conclusion, if the constitution of India permits the law of the state to ban cow butchering and if the state has enacted the law six decades ago, the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ of the cow slaughter becomes non-relevant. The state govt mechanism should work in full force to prevent cows getting butchered on the streets of Uttar Pradesh.
The cow was venerated by Gandhi.[73] He said: “I worship it and I shall defend its worship against the whole world,” and that, “The central fact of Hinduism is cow protection.”[73] He regarded her better than the earthly mother, and called her “the mother to millions of Indian mankind.” Gandhi said, “Our mother, when she dies, means expenses of burial or cremation. Mother cow is as useful dead as when she is alive. We can make use of every part of her body – her flesh, her bones, her intestines, her horns and her skin.”[73]
However, Mahatma Gandhi opposed the ban as such. He remarked: “I do not doubt that Hindus are forbidden the slaughter of cows. I have been long pledged to serve the cow but how can my religion also be the religion of the rest of the Indians? It will mean coercion against those Indians who are not Hindus. We have been shouting from the house-tops that there will be no coercion in the matter of religion. …if anyone were to force me (religiously) I would not like it. How can I force anyone not to slaughter cows unless he is himself so disposed?”[74]
A total ban on slaughter is thus detrimental to the export trade and work against the interest of the Tanning industry in the country