Rohingya Muslims: Bali Declaration Expresses Concern

There are 1.3 Million Rohingya Muslims residing in Myanmar and another 1.5 million living in other countries mostly as refugees. Notwithstanding the fact that Rohingya’s lived in Myanmar since the 8th century, the Government does not acknowledge them as its Citizens and thus they become nowhere people.
The Rohingya’s struggle group more particularly the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation claim the right of self-determination with in Myanmar. The Rohingya’s have met with military crackdowns many times and as reported by the UN special investigator on Myanmar, the country may want to expel its entire Rohingya population.
Since so many years, these people have been escaping on unstable boats through sea route and this exodus has become more from second fortnight of last month. The issue of human rights came up in the World Parliament Forum held at Indonesia and in two separate parts of the Bali Declaration 46 countries expressed concern about the violence in Myanmar.
The forum called on all parties to respect the human rights work for peace without which no sustainable development will take place.