Baahubali 2 Movie Review: Truly Mesmerising and Epic!

Baahubali 2 Movie Initial Review:
Bahubali The Beginnings took Indian cinema at the international level. The Conclusion has raised the bar far and expected fans expectations. From the initial reports from the movie goers, it is safe to say that this movie will stay in the talks for sometime to come. The Conclusion has a strong story played by very good actors.
Even though the movie is a two-hour, fifty-minute-long, director kept the audience to sit. The first half of the movie establishes the love story of the lead characters, and second half has the war scenes as expected. The UX effects of the movie are great through out with minor glitches which are unnoticeable to regular film goers.
Bahubali 2, according to media reports, the film is released in nearly 8,000+ theaters across India. Metropolitan cities will screen around 15-20 shows of the movie on the day of its release. The movie has already earned Rs 420 crore in distribution rights and is poised to break records at the box-office.
With no other movie releasing, Bahubali – 2 will break box-office records, even Amir Khan’s Dhangal. Trade analysts have already predicted that the movie will out do its prequel Bahubali- The Beginning and rake in around Rs 1,000 crore at the box-office.
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