At least 30 Cattle Including Cows Die Due To Starvation in Andhra Pradesh

In a shocking ugly truth of the current day policies, nearly 30 cattle including a dozens of cows starved to death in a cattle rescue shelter in Andhra Pradesh. These cattle have been rescued from slaughtering and housed at the Gau Shala by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals (SPCA), a non-governmental organization run by NGO. They have claimed that the cattle died due to heavy rains in the last few days.
There are lot of parties involved here including Kakinada municipality which is responsible for cleaning.
A criminal complaint has been filed against the organizers by the direction of District collector Kartikeya Mishra had directed the Kakinada revenue divisional officer to lodge a criminal complaint against the organisers.
SPCA joint secretary SR Gopal however conceded that it requires financial support to house 500 cattle. The NGO responsible told the reporters it costs Rs 20,000 per day to feed and care for 500 cattle as they are not taken to slaughter homes due to ban on cow slaughter.