AP to launch a new scheme 'Gym at workplace'

AMARAVATI: It is not an exaggeration if one says that the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is one of the most innovative and tech-savvy Chief Ministers in India. The TDP boss is well-known for his implementation of innovative schemes in administration and this time he has come up with another!
It has been confirmed that the Andhra Pradesh government is planning to establish Gyms at the workplace for all the government employees! This is also the first time that a state government has launched such a scheme in India.
“Our government believes in accountability and responsibility. It is our responsibility to safeguard the health of the government employees. Establishing Gyms at workplace will not only improve the lifestyle but also the productivity of the employees”, a media release from the Chief Minister’s office said.
The State Health ministry has reportedly started the groundwork for the implementation of the scheme and may officially launch it from next year. As per the proposed plan, every government office will be provided with a Gym, which will also include an instructor. Employees can work out in the Gym during the evening hours after the completion of the official timings of the office.
If everything goes well, it will not be surprising if the adjacent states implement the same idea put forward by the TDP government in Andhra Pradesh.