Andhra CM, Chandrababu Naidu’s  flagship programme  Intintiki Telugu Desam has been implemented to create awareness among people about the welfare schemes being implemented and to develop rapport with general public. Every TDP MLA and person in charge has been allotted a specific region as target area to contact all people in person to improve their satisfaction levels on the performance of government and see that party is re-elected in 2019 elections.
In this campaign every leader and worker of TDP has to strive hard and the specific pamphlet on how the opposition party leader is obstructing the development activities has to be distributed to create awareness in public. The execution of the campaign is subject to review and allotment of grades to leaders and party workers based on their performance and response from the public in their allotted territories.
As a part of review, the TDP supremo Mr. Naidu interacted with the party leaders over video conference from his residence at Undavalli. In a harsh tone he conveyed his displeasure on leaders who got lower grades like C and D in their performance. Further it informed that there is  no hesitation to change the leader in constituencies where  they have failed.
As for as the three assembly constituencies in Vijayawada city i.e., East, West and Central is concerned, the leaders secured A grade. In the West Godavari and Anantapur Districts the grades were B.  It is analyzed that in about 20 constituencies in the State the leaders have secured ‘C’ and ‘D’ grades.
Chandrababu Naidu is not giving any scope for opposition parties to take over his party in any programme or election campaign.
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