AP CM assures more than just unemployment allowance to youth

In the legislative assembly on the last day of the 10th sessions, the AP Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu, speaking on a discussion assured the unemployed youth that the government is planning more than just monthly allowance.
The government is in the process of development and will evolve a meaningful programme to create jobs. The field work is very important part of the education all over the world, but it is lacking in our country.
The AP government is contemplating many programmes to impart practical training and skills to youth, so that they get absorbed in the jobs created in the said development process.
The CM explained that in Vizag during the partnership summit an investment of 1.37 lakh crores spread over 24 thousand units has been received , which shall generate around 5 lakh jobs.
The CM said that he is going to South Korea to organise 100 new units in Ananthapur.