AP Assembly with no opposition looked like NTR Trust Bhavan: MLA Roja

AMARAVATI: It is very rare in the history of Indian democracy to witness an Assembly session without the actual presence of an opposition. The trend is currently going ahead in the Andhra Pradesh assembly with YSRCP boycotting the winter-sessions altogether.
While the ruling government criticized the opposition of not caring public issues with a selfish motive of continuing the proposed Padayatra, YSRCP rejected the argument.
Explaining the stance of the YSR Congress Party, MLA Roja said that the opposition has clearly stated the reason for boycotting the Assembly session. “It is because of the behavior of the ruling government and the Speaker that we have decided to boycott the Assembly session. We do not support the defection of MLAs. As per the Anti-defection law, the Speaker has to disqualify all those defecting to the ruling government with immediate effect. But, he has remained silent even when four of such defected MLAs took charge as Ministers”.
“The ruling TDP government is the one murdering the democracy by protecting the defected MLAs. And to those who are criticizing us for not debating on public issues, we are already in that process. YSRCP is directly reaching out to the public, to explain the failures of the government. There is no big stage than this as of now. The present Assembly session without the opposition is looking like an NTR Trust Bhavan”, she added.