Improved Agriculture Season From 2018: AP Chief Minister

Mr. ChandraBabu Naidu launched a scheme called “Jalasiriki Harati” with main objective to educate the people on water conservation and environmental protection.
It is well known that as a consequence of bifurcation, the Godavari and Krishna rivers in the state will not get enough water from upstream and we have to depend on our own resources. So about 28 local projects are being developed to save rain water through embankments/dams besides implementation of lift irrigation scheme on the rivers flowing internally.
Further, the A P Government is vigorously executing schemes on the water conservation with funding from center. The work pertaining to irrigation tanks, farm ponds etc., are being organized across the state.
The Government targeted to complete all these 28 ongoing projects within 3 months from now and propose to spend an additional amount of 13,000 crores. On these projects this year alone, an amount of 40,000 crores has been spent on the government side.
Riding on the achievement of the Pattiseema Irrigation Project that provides Godavari river water to Krishna delta, Mr. Naidu promised the farmers of AP a better agriculture season from 2018 as the projects in flight will be ready.
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