Anti-H1B Posters In Bay Area Trains

A new ad campaign was started by the DC based Progressives for Immigration Reform against the Tech companies hiring foreign workers. This was rolled out across San Francisco’s transit system last week. The ads says that US Tech workers are ‘expensive, undeserving, and expendable’ and addresses Congress to fix the H1-B broken system. As per the group, only one third of the Silicon Valley jobs are filled by US Citizens and remaining are filled by non-citizens. They are protecting US jobs by fixing the broken H1-B system.
The ad campaign costs as much as $80,000 and will run in stations and on trains for about one month. The ads comply with guidelines to express a point of view per First Amendment freedom of speech court rulings.
There has been larger debate to regulate H-1B visas, which allow skilled workers from other countries to come to the US and work in jobs that can’t be filled by Americans. But over years, many law suits were files against some companies misusing the system.
US President, Donald J. Trump’s Buy American and Hire American’ executive order, signed last April,emphasized the need for major changes to the H1-B law.
In the latest law suit, Cognizant Technology Solutions, the biggest U.S. sponsor of H-1B visas is accused of bias against workers who aren’t from India. As per the lawsuit filed by three former employees, claim that they were forced out of their jobs and replaced with South Asians after being poorly rate in the performance reviews and also ill-treated by managers.