Another Tattoo for Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan already has his wife’s name inked on his left hand – Kareena and now he seems to have a new tattoo on his right hand on his wrist which says ‘Shakun’. This is not dedicated to anyone but it is meant for his upcoming movie ‘Bazaar’.
Saif plays the role Shakun Kothari who is a marketer in the movie. He said when he was told by Nikhil Advani who is the producer of the movie that he would have to get the name of the character inked.
Saif says he also asked him the reason for getting the tattoo for the movie and Advani told him that parents from small towns get their children’s wrists tattooed with their names so if they are lost people can trace them back with the help of their tattoo. Saif is playing a rural character in ‘Bazaar’ which is inspired by 2G scam.
While Saif Ali Khan is ok with tattoos, Salman Khan doesn’t like to be inked. The actor believes that scars are cooler than tattoos and he has many of those. In his upcoming movie TubelightShahrukh Khan who has a small appearance also has a tattoo on his face but Salman Khan refused to get one.