Anna Canteens To Make A Start from October 2nd

Emulating the Amma Restaurant scheme which was very successful in Tamil Nadu the Government of AP proposed to open 200 canteens named as Anna Canteen in all the 13 districts. These canteens will provide subsidized meal/tiffin the poor and low paying employees in the state.
These canteens will be run by the Anna Canteen foundation which will collect donations from the philanthropists and voluntary organizations will also be evolved in this populist scheme.
These canteens benefit 1.4 crore population and the government shall incur an expenditure of 148 crores. These canteens will be managed jointly The Civil Supplies and Municipal Administration Departments with assistance of voluntary organizations.
Even though the State Cabinet approved the proposal on the Anna Canteen way back in 2014, the implementation has been very slow, so the Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu held a review meeting at secretariat on Monday as a follow up action.