Vijayawada MLAs Best In Intintiki Telugu Desam Program

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu’s flagship programme, Intintiki Telugu Desam has been received very well among the public. The programme is implemented to create awareness among people about the welfare schemes being implemented and to develop rapport with general public.
As a part of programme review, the TDP supremo Mr. Naidu interacted with the party leaders  and monitoring the performance through social media and interacting face to face over video conference. As per the reports, Vijayawada city constituencies has fared very well among others.  Naidu graded that performance of the leaders, of which Vijayawada East, Vijayawada West and Vijayawada Central MLAs secured A grade.
Vijayawada West MLA Jaleel Khan:
Jaleel-khan west
Speaking to the reporters, Vijayawada West MLA Jaleel Khan that he has resolved many of the issues that his constituency is facing in the last two years. He said that the state of Andhra Pradesh has seen massive development after N Chandrababu Naidu took office in 2014. He said that TDP government worked for the development of the state on poverty and infrastructure development in the all 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh. He is interacting with public and meeting people in his constituency every day.
Vijayawada Central MLA Bonda Uma:
Bonda Uma
Central MLA Bonda Uma Maheswara Rao is another firebrand and effective leader that Vijayawada has seen. He is very active and reachable. He is participating in the Intintiki Telugu Desam program very enthusiastically and getting good response.  During the International Day of Old Persons, he said that the government is working hard to take care of its senior citizens. He elaborated the efforts of the government assigning homes, supply of aids, appliances and devices, for  which ₹57.49 lakh had been allotted for 11,050 senior citizens.
Vijayawada East MLA Gadde Ramamohan Rao:
Gadde Rammohan
Vijayawada East MLA Gadde Ramamohan, is in the news for his access to CM Chandrababu Naidu and rapport he maintains with the supreme leader. Gadde Ramamohan is a young and energetic leader who is dearer to the masses. With Intintiki Telugu Desam, he is able to further penetrate in to the public and their hearts.
It is reported that N Chandrababu Naidu warned the Telugu Desam party leaders of serious action if they are ineffective in implementing the Intinitiki Telugu Desam programme.
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(Images: Courtesy of Facebook)