Andhra leaders reluctant to call AP home?

Amaravthi is the new capital of Andhra Pradesh. Chief minister Minister N Chandrababu Naidu moved more than 4000+ families who worked for AP Secreatariat to this remote place. He moved his entire administration to Andhra Pradesh’s new capital Amaravati. But Mr. Naidu is scheduled to move into a brand new palatial bungalow at Road No. 65, Jubilee Hills in Telangana. It would have been good to the confidence of the public in AP if he would have moved to Amaravathi or any other place in Andhra Pradesh. Same is the case with YSRCP spearhead, Mr. Jagan Mohan Redddy. He is currently operating from his Lotus palace in Hyderabad.
People will have to wait and see how things will fold in 2019 elections. They will be electing a non-resident Chief Minister for sure.