Andhra: App for doctor and pharmacists

Andhra Pradesh plans to roll out an app for Doctors and Pharmacists to weed out quacks
AMARAVATI: In a major move, especially at a time where the Constitutional bench of the Supreme Court is yet to hear the validity of the mandatory linking of Aadhar with bank accounts and mobile number, the Andhra Pradesh government is gearing up to put forward a revolutionary app using Aadhar as its backbone. The TDP-led government is working on an app for both Doctors and Pharmacists, making its use mandatory for prescribing and selling medicines.
Coming to the details, all the Doctors and Pharmacists in Andhra Pradesh will have to use an app named ‘Comprehensive Drug Monitoring System (CDMS)’ developed by the Drugs Control Administration to either prescribe or sell medicines to the patients. According to the government’s guidelines, Doctors will hereby generate e-prescriptions with the name of the patient, mobile or Aadhar number, medicines prescribed and the manufacturer’s name.
On the other end, after the Doctor digitally signs an e-prescription, the patient will receive an OTP on his or her mobile number, which he will have to show to the authorized pharmacists. Upon entering the OTP in the CDMS app, the Pharmacist will have access to the list of medicines prescribed to the patient and will accordingly disburse them.
Under this system, the government aims to eliminate quacks, self-medication and unauthorized sale of medicines over the counter. Further, the new app-based system will empower the Drug Control Department to keep a check on the overdosage of Antibiotics.
Only Doctors registered with the Medical Council of India and licensed pharmacists which stand at 65,000 and 30,000 respectively, will have access to the CDMS app. If the patient does not have a mobile phone, the Doctor may generate the OTP using their Aadhar number.
Though the system seems to be innovative and promising, there is a growing concern over the government linking Aadhar card with every measure that it can think of. Not to forget, the proposed system also empowers the government to keep a track on the Health issues of the citizens.