Akhila Priya and Officials must be accountable for boat mishap: Pawan Kalyan

ONGOLE: Janasena President Pawan Kalyan met the kith and kin of the Krishna river boat victims and urged the officials to feel the pain of the family members who lost their loved ones. The Janasena chief said that both the Tourism minister Akhila Priya and the officials must be held responsible for the Krishna river boat mishap which killed 18 members on November 12.
Pawan questioned the officials on how can they allow a boat to ply into the river, which does not even have life-saving equipment in it. “Officials allowed the boats with political pressure and it is due to their negligence on a whole that these families are now suffering losing their loved ones. Even Tourism minister Akhila Priya has lost her parents in short time and I hope that she will feel the pain of these families”, Pawan said.
“It is very clear that the mishap took place due to the lack of proper measures from the government. Minister Akhila Priya and the officials must be accountable for it. I feel ashamed for supporting the government which is not serious about the welfare of the public”, he added. Further, Pawan Kalyan admitted that he is responsible for the riverboat tragedy to some extent.
“Governments spend lakhs in giving exgratia after incidents like these happen. I would like to ask them, Can’t they afford a portion of it beforehand to provide the necessary safety equipment on board? Can they bring back lives with exgratia?”, the Janasena chief questioned.