AgriTech 2017 Summit: Focus On Horticulture

Pre-cooling technology make horticulture more gainful
The main obstacle faced by farmers of India in marketing of horticultural produce is the very small shelf life of the commodity. The farmers have to sell their produce within a short time after harvest, at a throw away price or the product get perished making it of zero value. After China, India is the biggest producer of horticultural crop.
There are no cold storage facilities particularly for commodities with very small shelf life like, cabbage, capsicum, flowers, leafy vegetables etc.
In the recent times, one Mr.Gupta, a graduate of IIT Kharagpur along with his other colleagues, invented a portable solar pre-cooling unit which will help the farmer to increase the shell life their perishable produce. This was show caused during the AgriTech 2017 Summit in Visakhapatnam.
The structure resembles a 20 feet long container with room for five tonnes of the product and it operates on the solar power and it can be moved from place to place.
This know-how is already been put to practical use and for the benefit of farmers it has been displayed at the exhibition organised as part of three day AP AgTech 2017 summit at Vizag and it attracted many visitors in view of its utility.