National-level Agriculture Summit in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, November 3, 2017: With an aim to put into practice latest and newest technology in Agriculture the AP Government is organizing 3 days AP Tech 2017 summit from date November 15 to 17 at Visakhapatnam. This submits will be attended by around 1500 delegates from national international agencies. The scientists from IOWA university will also attend this submit.
During this conference, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will enter into accord with A P State, which will help particularly small and marginal farmers. The A P Government is already implementing beneficial programmes like testing of soil in farmer’s field and crop information. The technical support to be given by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will help in development of agriculture. On the concluding day of the summit i.e., on 17 November Mr, Bill Gates Microsoft co-founder will visit the state and attend the summit.