Fasting set to begin on Saturday

Muslim holy month of  Ramadan (Ramzaan)  is set to start on May 27 and will finish on June 24.  The Eid celebration will be held on June 25 (depending on moon shighting), which marks the end of the Ramadan fasting and the start of the next month, Shawwal.
Here are some reminders for Ramadan:

  • Muslims all over the world perform fasting for the entire month of Ramadan, except in some places in China, where the government banned it
  • The new moon determines the start  and end of Ramadan
  • Ramadan fast is one of the five pillars of Islam
  • The first verses of the holy book was revealed during Ramadan.
  • Fasting reminds us of the importance of self-control and helps to cleanse body and mind
  • Breaking the fast unintentionally is fine,as people are encouraged to discontinue fast if it threatens their health
  • During Ramadan forgive and forget, remove negative feelings
  • Don’t overeat at iftar
  • Be gracious and charitable