AP 2019 Assembly Elections: Jagan-30, Pawan – zero!

Amaravati: TDP MLA Jaleel Khan made sensational comments on YSR Congress and Jena Sena Party. He said that in 2019, YSR Congress will be limited to 30 seats and Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena will be out with a ‘duck’. He alleged that the YCP tried to politicize the benefits given to the Muslim minorities. He accused YSRCP of conspiring to create chaos in the recent Nara Hamara programme which was recently held in Guntur. Regarding Pawan Kalyan, Jaleel Khan found fault that the party lacks cadre from the grassroots and said that there is no faith in the party in general public.
He said that AP Chief Minister has been asked to hand over the post of Deputy Chief Minister to Muslim minorities in near future. He said that TDP has given many opportunities for minorities to grow politically. Minority Corporation established the Waqf Board and has given many assignments to Muslims. With the Dulhan program, 50 thousand rupees were offered for Muslim brides and, Imam and Mausums were given honorable salaries.